Some of the emails we have received are below:

“Thank you so much for the books. My two and a half year old LOVES them, and Mish and Mush and Didi are household names in our house now. The messages are great, the lessons are on target and they speak directly to the young heart. My particular favorite is the Hakarat HaTov book and the message it gives.”

“Dear Mish and Mush people,
We run a children's book gemach in Jerusalem. We' had been looking for your books high and low. We asked everybody. Mish didn't know. Mush didn't know... But Didi did. We received one copy each of all your books from someone in America, laminated all of them (page by page) but, as they are so popular, they seem to be showing lots of wear. We were hoping to find out if there were some way to order numerous copies of each book either directly from Israel or, possibly, by having someone bring them from Australia. Please get back to us with information.
Kol Tuv,”

“Better late than never (I have been wanting to do this since 24th June when I first met Mish and Mush). I think you guys are amazing. Well, well done, and may you have much success and much naches and much enjoyment as you will no doubt bring to many others.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful books. They are just so beautiful with such wonderful stories and characters and lessons etc. Each one is a masterpiece and well enjoyed by my little ones! Thank you for creating such wonderful books and thank you for sending them on to us! We really appreciate it!”

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